Monday, November 24, 2014

Perspective And .......

Perspective has been a theme in my mind lately as I go through Facebook, Twitter, and Entheos. The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons truly require us to see life from other perspectives.  As an advent of sorts, I will be building up to Christmas reflecting on the importance that our perspective plays into how we treat each other. I truly believe that with a clear, literally a clear, perspective on where we fit into this thing called the human race life can be more JOYful for others we encounter and ourselves. This week's lesson in church nailed it for me; how are we helping others who appear less fortunate, less able, different, etc.
What is your perspective? Do you have all the information? A lot of times we don't have all the right information and we jump to conclusions. We judge on what we see without stepping back and trying to see from the other side of a situation. When dealing with children I believe that happens quite often and as adults we get caught up in 'how things should be'. 
When you see a child behaving 'inappropriately' what do you think as you walk by?
Is that child having fun or is it a tantrum? If it is a tantrum, what is really happening? Before we judge others, STOP & remember we aren't here to judge others. 
When you see someone begging for food or money, what are you thinking inside?
Do you stoically walk by? Give a glare?

Some people just need a little compassion. 
Be that person who offers compassion before it is offered to you.
Another view: Are all the people in this photo having fun?

Answer and the 'Rest of the Story' in the next post.

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