Monday, December 8, 2014

Perspective and the 'Rest of the Story'

In my last post I put 'Perspective' on the table and shared a couple of my favorite pictures. If you missed it take a moment to check it out here.

When I share this picture most people think they are simply two photos of three people having fun while on their bellies.
The reality, my parents know the real story, as both are pictures of me separated by around three decades of time. The photo on the left is me on the beach and the one on the right is of me and my son leading a play group for the Camp Communicate Program at Pine Tree Camp.

While lying on the beach, I was NOT having fun. I was in the middle of a tantrum because....wait for parents took away a dirty cigarette butt that I had found on the beach and was trying to put in my mouth. DISGUSTING!! Do you think the person taking that picture had the right perspective and saw the humor in a very 'not funny' moment? 

PS - I still don't like to be told 'NO', yet I do not pick up cigarette butts.

Phew, I am glad I got that confession off my chest and can get back to the subject at hand - PERSPECTIVE.

Will our lives, and those around us, be positively impacted if we approach life from a JOYful perspective?

Do we RESPOND when someone hurts us, says 'No', or something does not go our way? Or do we have a tantrum and REACT.

A JOYful person coming from a JOYful place is more likely to RESPOND to the lemons they are dealt, BREATHE, and consider their choices before deciding which direction to go next. I believe that when we REACT we lose choices and, chances are, will have to fix things before getting on track again. There are many recipes and combinations for making lemonade.

This past few weeks in America have highlighted what REACTing versus RESPONDing looks like, no matter which side of the issues you are on.  Something that started as a singular violent act started a chain reaction with a number of people fanning the flames and hurting others. The message, or lesson, has been lost. More layers of hurt. Less choices. 

If we approached life from a JOYful perspective what would have been the outcome? 
What would Jesus have done?
Am I thinking of Others?
How will this affect Your/My Life?

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