Wednesday, November 12, 2014

playmaker or Playmaker, It's All In The Letters - Starting with YOU

I love being a Playmaker!! In getting to that statement, I have JOYfuly reflected about titles. 

In 1999 I became a 'Husband'
In 2000 I was a classroom 'Teacher'.
In 2004 I became a 'Father' and somewhere between now & then I became 'Dad'
In 2009 I was called the 'President' of my own company to create play opportunities for the disabled.
During this entrepreneurial learning curve some called me an 'Omega Leader'

Titles are crazy things aren't they?! They can be intimidating, overwhelming, made up, real, earned, and created. Depending on the path we choose in life. 

In 2012 I was introduced to the Playmaker movement and it spoke to my soul. SIMPLE and DEEP lessons, invitations, activities, and opportunities to support others through a PLAYFUL approach to whatever life brings our way. It spoke to me about responding versus reacting, pivoting versus staying stuck, actively engaging with children and people in our lives versus maintaining a 'safe' distance both physically and emotionally. 

Because I am who I am, and the way I am wired, I have a hard time accepting almost all the titles I listed above. They never really fit.  I never quite lived up to the billing that comes with these titles or in the case of being a classroom teacher I felt I was created to go beyond the building that employed me (that's a conversation for another day). It's an inside/gut thing.

Even being a 'certified Playmaker' didn't sound right because I believe the trainers for the Life Is Good Playmakers are TREMENDOUS and in tune with their JOY centers. I am still getting there. 

It's a journey you know.

Now, if you look up playmaker in the dictionary you will see it defined as 'one who executes plays designed to put one or more teammates in a position to score.' Hmmm, isn't that great to think about?Am I, aren't you, someone who wants to help fellow humans, both young and old, to be in a position to succeed?

Heck YA!

So, yes I am a playmaker and I am looking for other playmakers who believe in putting others in a position to succeed in life. 

Am I a Playmaker or a playmaker? I can proudly say I am both and refuse to choose. I promote and practice both roles in my life as a JOYful Maverick and hopefully I am a JOYful Compass who, as a playmaker, playfully leads others to a more JOYful life by the way I live and the work I do. The Playmakers are doing some wonderful work in Haiti and coined term 'Gerye Jwa', loosely translated JOYful Warrior. 

Ready to lead a more Playful JOYfilled life by being a playmaker & Gerye Jwa? 

Let's Play.

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