Wednesday, October 15, 2014

START! Again....

Life is about movement and you either enJOY the ride or get rolled. If you choose to get rolled, this may not be the place for you, then again maybe you'll see or hear something to help you flip the switch to being more awesome.

JOY for some is an emotion. JOY for some is a state of being filled. JOY for some is a goal and for others it is something to envy in others. 

As the Christmas season comes into view, JOY will actually be source of pain for some. Imagine that?!

In my world, JOY is an acronym and a goal.

During a discussion at dinner our 97 year old grandfather told us J.O.Y. represents how to live our lives and where to focus each and every day. 

The acronym is where this needs to begin. I hope you enJOY the ride.

As I am learning from Jon Acuff, sometimes it is as simple as realizing we just have to START.

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