Thursday, October 23, 2014

Create Where You Are

I believe creativity to be an important part of one's self and a way for us to live JOYfuly. Mind you I do not consider myself creative in the traditional sense of arts and crafts, music, dance, poetry, writing, etc. Yet I believe myself to be creative, I just haven't created a word for where creativity expresses itself in my world.  If you have one, feel free to throw it out there.

An interesting use of space is something called street art, where non-descript pieces of our surroundings are discovered by creative talented folks and turned into amazing works of art - These are some of my favorites from the current 2014 collection on Street Art Utopia.
Jesus Others Yourself - Where you are. 
Discover JOY in the little things. 
Live life from a different perspective.
Lean in and dance!!
Escape the ordinary.

Listen to the littlest.
Strength from the strangest places.
The world is our canvas, JOYfuly express yourselves for the world to discover a new perspective from ordinary places.

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